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We make mobile apps

Apps, apps, and more apps. You can have apps made for phones, tablets, cars, tvs, watches and more. We build phone apps, tablet apps, and watch apps. We've built simple apps with one function, social networking apps, and games as well. Over the years we have built over 50 iOS apps and have been fortunate to have one of our own featured by Apple in their retail stores. We take tremendous pride in the quality of the apps we ship for ourselves and for our clients. Have an app that you off-shored and wish you hadn't? We can fix it.


Having built over 50 mobile apps we have learned a thing or two about what makes a good mobile app. We don't just make apps from your specifications, we actively help you bring your idea to life with helpful ideas and pro tips to make your app function the best it can.


Our toolbox is filled with over 30 different specialized apps and services to build only the best mobile app. We have perfected our workflows to better streamline our entire development workflow. Our toolbox allows us to code apps efficiently and effectively. Saving highly valuable resources.


Another app developer may build you an app that looks and functions to your specifications. However, that app could very well be unmaintainable by another developer, or that same developer 6 months down the road. We write our code in a self documenting style with code readability in mind so that we can maintain codebases months or years after the app is built.


Design is the most important aspect of a successful app. Your app needs to look professional to be successful and have a chance at being featured by Apple. We always stay tapped into app design trends on the app store. Since our focus is always on ease of use, we design our apps to have simple intuitive UI's.

Git Source Control

There are things that professionals do and amateurs don't. Proper source control is one of them. As we build our apps, we are constantly committing our new features and changes to Git so we can properly keep track of our code base. This allows us to make a change with confidence in one area of the app without worrying if we broke something elsewhere.


All of our source code is managed with Git and stored in a cloud repository with either Github or BitBucket. We backup our computers locally with Apple's Time Machine, and we use a cloud based backup solution BackBlaze to backup offsite as well. This means that at all times we will have at least 4 copies of your projects source code backed up and secure.

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