Web Development

API's, Custom Content Management Systems, and Web Applications.

Cloud Solutions

Powering our amazing mobile apps 9 out of 10 times is a powerful web service that connects to the cloud. We've been building web database services since before the iPhone. We use the super popular open-sourced web framework Ruby on Rails to build simple content management systems to powerful API's.


All of our web services are powered with a super simple content management system built with your needs in mind. We will never ship a CMS powered by Wordpress or some other third party with features you will never use. If its in our CMS, you will use it.


We use service providers like Heroku, DigitalOcean, and Amazon Web Services which provide us with different levels of scalability and performance at different price tiers for any projects budget.


We use the popular open-sourced web framework Ruby on Rails to build all of our web services. We us Jquery for front-end wizardry like the animations on this site. All of our API's our Restful and use the lightweight JSON data format to deliver the important bits to our apps.

Responsive Design

Trust us we know, we live in a mobile first world and that is exactly how we see our web development. All of our websites are built with mobile devices in mind from the onset, then we expand out to desktop. It allows us to deliver an amazing experience regardless of which device you are using.


Likes, tweets, pins, and photos. Its a social world now, and we've been fortunate to build our share of social networks. From small social integrations with existing social network API's to building a one of a kind social network, we have done it.


All of our source code is managed with Git and stored in a cloud repository with either Github or BitBucket. We backup our computers locally with Apple's Time Machine, and we use a cloud based backup solution BackBlaze to backup offsite as well. This means that all times we will have at least 4 copies of your projects source code backed up and secure.

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